Estimote Unlock Password


I am trying to register estimote beacon with google beacon dashboard i am using google beacon app on Android . But when i click on the unregister beacon to register it as for 32digit passcode and i saw some of the threat passcode is 32 times 0. Which is not working i am trying to contact with customer service too but they are not replying do anyone know default passcode to unlock beacon


It really should be 32 zeroes. What kind of Estimote Beacons do you have? Did you get them from or from someplace else?

Thankyou for the response. It is Proximity Beacon. Whenever i put 32 zeros it say beacon is locked seems like 32 Zeros not working. we buy it from

Just tried it on my beacon and it worked for me … with a little catch.

It seems like you only have ~ 10 seconds to input the unlock code. Typing in 32 zeroes took me more time than that, and the beacon was disconnecting before I managed to finish. So I copied 32 zeroes to clipboard, and when the app asked me for the unlock code, I pasted it instead of typing it in. And that worked for me. (This is probably an unintended consequence of how our beacon firmware handles authorization.)

Give that a try. If it still doesn’t work, maybe you can post a video of your attempts, so that we can see precisely what’s going on.

Works perfectly :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help

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