[Feature request] Create a JDK not only an Android SDK

I am working on a server which talk with estimote cloud api. I would have to rewrite all the POJO for BeaconInfo, Beacon, BeaconSettings and so because there is nothing for Java yet.

I tryed to extract the jar from the aar file for Android SDK but classes are not usable because it have some android usage on them.

So I would like to ask to estimote devs to extract the “model” part of this sdk for a JDK that I could use by example but maybe a lot of others dev.

Would it be possible or it is not in your intentions ?


Interesting request, thanks for sharing!

Can you help us put this in context? I assume you’re trying to write some desktop Java app to fetch beacon details from Estimote Cloud? What’d be the purpose of this app? Is using cloud.estimote.com via a web browser not an option on desktop?

We’re always open to suggestions and feature request if they solve pain points and problems of our dev community and customers. So just trying to understand your pain points here (:


Hi heypiotr,

Well I develop a home automation server (in java) which provide an API for an Angular web client and maybe later android and ios apps.

I embed also philips hue and some others vendors inside of it and the purpose is to be able to make them discuss together.

My user can define some rules like : WHEN [ someone is next to “Beacon Kitchen” ] AND [User is Frank"] THEN [ turn on the philips hue light ] AND [ play some music ]

And for that I need to retrieve the list of beacons from the estimotecloud api. (It works but I had to rewrite the POJO classes by hands for it and for sure you wrote it too for the android sdk. I tryed to extract those classe from it’s not possible from my side.

I would suggest : “Estimote pojo”.jar -> embedded in “Android SDK”.aar that way I could use the first brick :smile:

Otherwise I can continue that way but it’s not really clean and friendly for updates.

Anyway thank you for estimote products it’s not cheap but it works great !