Adding Estimote's analytics to an Android app

Thanks @heypiotr for useful reply.
But if i want to use the APIs then where i have to declare them in the app and which api will be there for proximitiy.
I am developing a app in which i should get to know the exact location in the house on my device when i am in beacon range with distance. So is the demo app right to start? Please guide me through.
Also i have read this page Where should these code given in the page API be added in the demo app.

Ah right, so you already played with the Demo app and now you want to add Estimote SDK and beacon detection to your own app? In this case, this README should come in handy. There’s the installation section which describes how to add the SDK to your project. And then the Eddystone Quickstart which goes through the basics of detecting Eddystones.

Ahh @heypiotr…I think you didnt got me!!!
I want to add APIs in the app code. So I am asking where in the project do I add the API i.e in which activity or class the API should be added!! And which are the other APIs for estimotes!
Also is there any android Indoor sdk?

Do you mean the Analytics API? Sadly, our Android SDK doesn’t yet support analytics :pensive:

Thank You @heypiotr !
So is there any other way of dealing it.Any other sdk or anything.?
Also in future will your android sdk will support analytics?

At the moment, that’s only the iOS SDK I’m afraid. Yes, we’ll be adding this to the Android SDK too, possibly later this year.

ok thanks for guiding @heypiotr
Also today i got my six beacons delivered but the Estimote and Demo both app are not detecting beacons BUT other apps such as Locate are detecting them!!
So what might be problem?

Are we talking the Android app? What smartphone do you have? Can you give me a link to this Locate app?

@heypiotr This is the Locate App. It detects the all beacons instantly but unfortunately Estimote app doesnt detect.
I am having XIAOMI phone.

@mittalharsh54 Can you help us with fixing the problem? If Estimote app does not locate beacon and Locate app does, there must be bug on our side.

Can you download nRF Master Control Panel from Nordic Semiconductor. It is available for free on Play Store.

Once installed, you can scan for devices. Stop scanning and tap on device to expand info about it. It should look like this one. Can you attach yours?

This is the attachment of my device.

@mittalharsh54 Excellent. Can you also click on the “raw” button and copy those values or make a screenshot?

Here are the screenshot of raw button click screen.Also you can ask me if any other information i could provide.

Mind you coping the value and pasting it here? Rewriting is very error prone :).

I didnt got you sorry!!
Also previously I took the screenshot of the raw of other beacon so I changed it with the raw of the beacon which I have send in the previous one!!

Interesting, SDK is able to parse this beacon without any problem.

1/ Which app version you are running? You can check it by going to the app and clicking on Estimote SDK. It is written on the screen.

2/ Are you able to check device logs if app is crashing somehow for you in the background?

  1. I am using 1.1.0(37) version of Estimote app
  2. The app is not crashing any how .

@mittalharsh54 We have pushed updated Estimote app to Play Store (version 1.2.0). Can you give it a try?

@wiktor I have updated the app but unortunately it is not detecting beacons. So is it problems on app side or device problem as other app is detecting the beacons!

I created version of Estimote app that has additional debug logging. It is logging if Bluetooth device was recognised or not. Can you remove previous version and install attached one?

Are you able to dump logs from device and paste it here? Thanks a lot! (8.2 MB)