Estimote Cloud API - sample App using Swift 2.1 / Xcode 7.1

Recently I had to pull the beacon information using the Cloud API. I had to write a demo app to make the info available to the client. I thought I will share the demo one that I wrote. In the process of parsing the json and will update the app once I am done with it. Feel free to check the simple app at


Cool, thanks for sharing!

Out of curiosity, any reason you opted to write this on your own, instead of using our Request classes available in the SDK?

I see you’re using the API to access beacon details, and pending changes, that’d be these two Request classes:

I have not explored the suggested approach. Will certainly leverage that option.

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Request classes in the SDK cannot retrieve all the beacons in our account, which is strange, as I would expected that feature to be easily made available.

There is not proper documentation on how to extract & update details from Estimote Cloud for iOS.

Hey @tribalmob, what kind of integration with our Cloud API are you building? I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction, or maybe advise directly.

I need users to be able to detect the device they are holding from our cloud account and register it to an external database.

problem is users won’t have access to the uuid, they will only know the beacon’s name (therefore I will need to pull all the beacons from our cloud account and match it up with the users’ beacon, and then allow them to make changes and settings…) , we also have to factor in cases when there is more than one beacon…