Com.estimote.sdk instead of com.estimote.coresdk

I’m just started experimenting with Beacons and Android apps, I installed Estimote SDK by adding “compile ‘com.estimote:sdk:1.0.3@aar’” to the dependencies of my build.gradle file but I get only com.estimote.coresdk.* and the com.estimote.mgmtsdk., and not the com.estimote.sdk., which I suppose is the fully-fledged SDK.

Where am I wrong? How do I get the full SDK? (I have an Estimote Cloud account with -for now- a single Estimote assigned)

P.S. i am using jcenter as repository. When i checked there the 1.0.3 was the last version, actually if I try a “compile ‘com.estimote:sdk:1.0.11’” I get a “Fail to resolve: com.estimote:sdk:1.0.11”.

Hi @bzznrc,

did you try to use the
compile 'com.estimote:sdk:1.0.9'
compile 'com.estimote:sdk:1.0.10'
I get no error using the first one.

Also, it seems that the com.estimote.sdk.* does no longer exist: JavaDoc. So if you have the coresdk and mgmtsdk packages it’s good.

Thanks for the reply!
even “compile ‘com.estimote:sdk:1.0.9’” gives me the same error, but I tried the update because I thought the .coresdk was somehow an old package (yeah, I didnt’t check the JavaDoc…).

So, since the official tutorial still uses the old .sdk package, is there a monitoring/ranging code example that uses the new packages?

Try that for ranging, and say if it works:

Monitoring is quite the same.

It works! Thanks for the code!

I understand that if I set the UUID, major and minor to null I can search for every single beacon, that was what I was trying to do!

Yes, you have to put all to null.


  • you can’t range for a Secure Region with a null UUID,
  • if you want to range on iOS, you have to put a non-null UUID, in both Secure & non-Secure region.

Just another question: I currently have 4 Location Beacons and 1 Proximity Beacon. My ranging app finds all the 4 Location Beacons but fails to detect the Proximity one. Does it not support ranging detection or are there other problems?

Read more about this issue, maybe you could find if it is related, but it doesn’t seems…