Estimote Android app struggles

Have just purchased a dev kit with 3 beacons. First thing I did was to create cloud account and add them in there.

Now, I’m using the Estimote app on Android to find the devices but it is very inconsistent. Sometimes it finds one or two of them (it scans for a long time), sometimes it finds none. When it does find one or two, I click on them, but the app mentions that it tries to authenticate (with my cloud account) but after a while says the state is disconnected.

I then switched to iOS (only have an iPad though) to scan for the devices and it finds mostly two of them, sometimes all three and I can connect to the cloud app so it seems to work fine on iOS app.

  1. is it known that from Android app I can’t connect to the cloud portal?
  2. is it normal that Android app has a hard time finding the beacons?
  3. will it be better if I change the beacons to broadcast Eddystone?

We are having intermittent problems with authentication in Android app. It will be fixed within hour.

It seems to be solved now. Thanks!