Estimote not connected with Estimote Cloud

Hellow , Estimote Users!

(First of all, I’m not good at english LOL)

My Estimote’ info are these.
Firmware Version => EstimoteOS A2.1
Hardware Revision => D3.3
MAC Address => c85f1b92fa85
Owner =>
Major => 0
Minor => 2

My Estimote’s status are these.

  1. I can’t change my beacon’s Name.
  2. updating from A2.1 to 3.2 is failed.
  3. My iPhone6+ is “not” connected with Estimote Cloude.
  4. My iPhone6+ is connected with Beacon.

How can I fix this error ?!

May be the reason of this problem is that I’m using old Estimote Beacon?

Help me please :slight_smile:

Hi @11120,

there is an issue with the old beacons (hardware version D3.X), but it seems that it’s not your problem.
You can’t change the beacon’s name with the Estimote app’, or are you using your own app’ which detects the beacon and connects to it?
Have you tried to configure your beacon with an other device (not the iPhone 6+)?

Just attempting to help ^^

Android Phone is also not work OTL,

Um, My Other Beacon’s HW version is D3.4 --> this is work!

under D3.3 devices are all have problem???