Estimote beacons incredibly erratic

The beacons either refuse to change their Major/Minor values, and eventually return to saying “does not belong to account”. When I try to revise the beacon that I successfully renamed, it does not update, and an error alert pops up saying “there was a problem.” So far this is a colossally failed experiment. Anyone have any suggestions before I abandon this and review it incredibly poorly?

Also, apparently one of the beacons was not updated to the latest firmware, and it is stuck at 10% firmware update.

We’re really sorry for your troubles :disappointed_relieved:

Can you let us know if your using the Android or the iOS app? When you say it refuses to change major/minor values, what is the exact error message, would it be possible to get a screenshot? The other problem—you tried changing beacon’s name, but it didn’t save, is that correct? The name is stored in the Estimote Cloud, so it could be a temporary connection problem, would you be so kind to retry at let as know if you’re still experiencing it? If you do, can you message me the MAC address of your beacon, so that we can check it on our side?

As for the failed firmware update, could you retry the process?

I know I’m asking for a lot, really sorry about that … it should help us troubleshoot the issues and fix any bugs that might be causing these. We test our software and hardware extensively, but putting them out there in the world sometimes reveals edge cases we haven’t thought of, so we really appreciate you writing about it here on our forums. Thanks a million!




It is just extremely unreliable, it works nothing like the advertisements on the main website. I can’t save a new Major/minor, because no matter what I do it says “duplicate uuid”. I am sorry but I don’t think I can continue to work with this product, I will look for another more reliable service, and one I don’t have to rely on a shoddy app to use.

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I tried to assign one beacon Major: 1001 Minor: 1 and another Major:1001 Minor: 2 and it says it detected the same UUID, i mean this is a simple check, I don’t understand how this is a paid for product

And yes I retried the process with two different iphones and two androids, it is just totally broken

Do you mean this error message?

We have detected another beacon with the same UUID, Major and Minor in the Estimote Beacons Network. Please change one of these parameters, so it is truly unique.

This means there’s another Estimote Beacon with the UUID + Major + Minor combination somewhere out there. We require the UUID + Major + Minor combo to be globally unique in the Estimote Cloud.

The common solution is to generate yourself a unique UUID (, and use it for all your beacons. You can then be sure that the entire Major + Minor pool (65,535 * 65,535 = 4,294,836,225 values) will be yours and yours only.

We should do a better job explaining that in the error message, without doubt.

So if we wanted to deploy these to locations around the globe or even the country, the id’s have to be all unique based on everyone else that has these devices?

Exactly, that’s why we recommend generating yourself a unique UUID, and then you end up with a pool of 4 billion identifiers to use for your beacons.

Ohhh I see, you mean the UUID not the ID as described in the documentation which includes Major/Minor, that makes sense.

Can you let me know which documentation was that? We’ll make sure to straighten things out.