Is Estimote indoor location sdk available for android.?

Hi I’m developing an android application which will trigger some actions when near to the coordinates of particular beacon. with the single beacon,i want to enable some actions based on the co-ordinates of the beacon. This feature comes with indoor location sdk as i have read in your forum. is there any solution for this.?

If you just need to trigger some actions off a single beacon, check out our regular Estimote Android SDK instead:

I recommend starting with this tutorial here:

The scenario here is slightly different. i will keep one beacon in a fixed place within a restaurant and there will be different tables. each table should get different actions depending on the x, y coordinates of beacon from the device. is possible to get this to work.?

You won’t be able to get (x,y) coordinates using a single beacon. If you need to trigger different actions for each table, the best option would be to put one beacon on each table.