Unable to connect to the beacons

I am writing here because I am having some trouble while trying to connect to three uwb beacons using the Estimote application. The problem is that when I click any beacon on the radar and log in with my account, I reach three different scenarios:

  • The Estimore application returns me to the home screen

  • The screen gets frozen and then the Estimote application crashes

  • The Estimote application tries to connect without success whenever I tap displaying the message “Disconnected. Tap to connect.”

Then, the radar stops detecting the beacons and I have to restart the Estimote application or wait to see them again. I have tried both in Android and IOS versions and checking the beacons are available using Bluetooth scanning apps. I read all forum messages regarding this topic but I have not found anything helpful. I hope you can help me to solve this problem.

the sample application is NOT for the uwb beacons. it is for the proximity beacons.

How can I connect to UWB Beacons?

UWB beacons are new generation devices and they are only compatible with our Estimote UWB iOS app available here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/estimote-uwb/id1593848641

UWB beacons are not compatible with the classical Estimote app.