Estimote app errors and cannot find any beacons


I have 6 new UWB Proximity Beacons. All are hardware version GG_2.2fc.
I am having issues configuring these beacons. None of them work.

When I use the Estimote iOS app, It cannot find any of the beacons at all.
When I use the Estimote UWB app on iOS, it see’s the beacons.
On Android, in the Estimote app I can see the beacons but whenever I try connect to one, the app crashes.

I am logged to my cloud account on both ios and android.

How am I meant to enable Monitoring?

Pretty sure the new UWB beacons only work with the Estimote iOS UWB app. I also think that (after reading other responses on these forums), the new UWB beacons don’t support the legacy-style BTLE region monitoring or some of the other management functions.

The beacons i bought are new. Arrived yesterday. This is the product i purchased Estimote UWB Beacons

All i want is to build an app on ios to track the beacons. Insane the estimote app doesnt work

the IOS UWB app will show each beacon direction when u select it from the list .

ONLY the IOS UWB app(match the icon shown on the beacon box) works with the UWB beacons…

there is no android UWB app…

the UWB beacons cannot be ‘tracked’… they provide direction info … (vector)
the proximity beacons do NOT provide direction , and CAN be ‘tracked’ …

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Hi @futurelabs, Jess from the Estimote team here. Just want to confirm what was said: the UWB beacons are designed to work with the Estimote UWB app. The classic Estimote app is for our BLE products. We only have an iOS SDK at the moment. If you don’t have the link to it (you should have gotten an email from me or my colleague, Anna, when your order shipped with that info) please reach out to and we can get you set up with that. Our Android SDK and app is coming soon.