Current Estimote Proximity SDK support for UWB beacons


Current Estimote page shows only the UWB beacon product availability.

  1. We are using proximity and some location beacons. Will our existing software work with the UWB beacons?
  2. Are proximity beacons still available or will we have to purchase the UWB beacons from now onwards?


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Hi there!

UWB beacons and Location beacons are currently quite different in use case and I wouldn’t suggest switching between them, if previous beacons worked perfectly for your use case.

Proximity are still available - you can contact me directly (my e-mail is and I’ll connect you with our Customer Success team.

Miriam Pajdak
Community Manager at Estimote Inc

Hi Miriam,

I just ordered a set of UWB beacons to learn about them. Have yet to receive them. I logged into Estimote Cloud and checked out the beacons (they have been shipped). Other than tag and beacon attachments, parameters from the proximity beacons like flip to sleep, battery status, Estimote Monitoring, etc. are not there.

About our current apps using the proximity beacons, can I say that if I replace the proximity beacon with a UWB beacon, our app will no longer work? That is, the UWB beacon can’t replace the proximity beacon.

Can you confirm that the proximity beacons will still be available for a while to support Android apps?


Yes, as of right now, UWB cannot replace Proximity for every use case. We’re working on bringing most of the functionalities of Proximity to UWB.

Proximity will be available for a long time still - we currently do not plan to withdraw this product.