2 of 3 beacons are not listed in any app


I am working with 3 estimotes, making tests and demos to learn how the work.

I use one (Mint Cocktail) mainly and the others are in the box all the time (Icy Marshmallow & Blueberry Pie). First one is registered in Estimote Cloud but not the other two.

Today I have tried to register Icy Marshmallow & Blueberry Pie, but Estimote app only detects the Mint Cocktail estimote. The other two are not listed in Estimote app and other iOS (7.1.2) apps like Beecon or BLExplr. Same with Android 4.4.3

Last time I use these two beacons was 2 months ago. Maybe it is a battery problem?

Can you help me?


Hi Jorge,

Please write to me witek[at]estimote.com and we'll work it out.