Here & Now Beacon Settings

I’m exploring here & now beacons concept. I have 2 location beacons (with eddystone,ibeacon,here &now settings turned on). When i login to portal and go to here & now i don’t see my beacons. Clicking on “Add beacons” button says no results found.
I’ve modified the settings “here & now - off, ibeacon -off, eddystone off”. When i click on here and now tab on dashboard and click on the add beacon button, i see my beacon in the dialog box. When i add it and configure it via my iphone app, nothing happens, it doesn’t show up in the here & now tab. Please help me if i need to change some settings

Happy to say we’ve managed to sort this one out over email. We’ve recently made some updates to our apps that should ensure these settings are applied correctly.

If you see similar problems, ping us in this thread (and ideally, include the version number of the app you’re using). Thanks!

Hello, I’ve the same problem with Here&Now config. No beacon found on my estimote cloud and I don’t understand how to activate the Here&Now function through the iOS Estimote APP. Can you provide me more info or a tutorial?
Thank you.

I’m having the exact same problem…can’t see My UWB beacons in my hear and now dashboard, can’t add them, can’t configure them in any way, says NO BEACON FOUND, Have contacted support, no answer, is there at tutorial somewhere re: here and now?

Hey guys,
i’m having the same issue here.
There’s any update about this issue?

Accessed to the cloud with Microsoft Edge and the beacons are already being shown.

@Estimote Team, why cloud has this behavior? Are you preparing some fix to this situation?

Kind Regards.

I’m having the same issue

I have a problem with the beacons, we have read almost all the documentation and it does not let us configure them, it’s like they are “blocked” (or something like that) I’ve searched in videos and nothing in particular and some videos are not very true and my mate and I have searched in these forums and even then I can not find the solution to our problem, which is to configure them