Eddystone URL not showing up in iOS Chrome

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I have a Estimote beacon with Eddystone.
Eddystone URL is showing up in my Android Chrome.
But it is not showing up in iOS.
Eddystone URL is https://goo.gl/xGjvuz
It is valid URL. I have already checked.
Also I have setting up iOS using https://google.github.io/physical-web/try-physical-web#ios
But I can’t show Eddystone URL in my iOS pod.
I am now sure what problem is.

Please help me.

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This is the same issue i have.

@Edward_S_Winfrey, Google has, in the meantime, removed Physical Web support for iOS. At this point, it only works on Android. See this thread for more details: Google stop supporting physical web on chrome IOS

Im doing everything correct with the phone settings because all the other beacons from different companies work flawlessly with Eddystone URL.