Physical Web on Android Not Being Detected

I’m testing Physical Web on an Estimote beacon. I was able to set the URL in the beacon using Eddystone, the URL is secured and being transmitted by the beacon.

Everything works fine in the iPhone, but it doesn’t work on Android devices, I have tried on Motorola Pure Edition 2015 and Nexus 6 (Google Fi).

  • Android version 6.0.1
  • Bluetooth is enabled. (it’s version 4.0)
  • I have downloaded the Physical Web App for android and no beacons are detected
  • I also enabled the Physical Web in Chrome options.

I hope you can help, any help is valuable.

I also have followed all the directions on google:

Also here I’m including some pictures of the settings in my Android phone.


I am having similar issue, testing Estimote Beacons on Android. Isnt chrome (since v 49)for android is already phsyical-web enabled based on this info:

I am also using chrome version 51. iOS devices see the physical web url broadcast, but not able to on android devices.

With Chrome on Android, you need to use an HTTPS URL.

Also, from my experience, the URL doesn’t show up right away—it might take a few minutes before it does.

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I had the exact same issue and screenshots posted (chrome 51, Android 6.0, LG G4, all permissions on). I figured it out after 3 days of pouring over all help guides and forums online to no avail - not only do you need the “physical web” set to “on”, you need to have the “do not track” set to “on” in chrome.
Honestly i think it’s rather counter intuitive and duplicative because if one has set the Physical Web to On in chrome, why doesn’t it prompt or auto switch the Do Not Change setting to On as well?
(Chrome devs - this is on you guys)


I am having similar issue, testing Estimote Beacons on Android.

I can see the beacon using the Estimote Android App.
It doesn’t work on My Android device.

  • LG Nexus 5x, Android 6.0.1, Google Play Service 10.0.84, Chrome 55.0.2883.91

  • Estimote 3.2.0,

  • Beacon has latest firmware(3.2.0).

  • Beacon configured to Eddystone-URL.

  • Desired public site uses HTTPS(

  • Beacon is right next to phone, beacon not sleeping, power set to 4dBm, 200ms broadcast interval, smart battery saving “off”.

  • Beacon has registered on Estimote Cloud using Estimote app for Android.

  • Beacon has registered on Google Dashboard using Beacon Tools app for Android.

On the phone side:

  • Chrome Physical Web “on”
  • Chrome access to location “on”
  • Chrome notifications “on”
  • As you suggested: Google > Nearby = “on” (beacon doesn’t show up in Google > Nearby Discoveries)

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This website doesn’t work for me (:



I am sorry.

URL is

Please check.

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LGTM. Might want to report a bug with Google/Android then. You could also check if the Physical Web app from Google detects the URL.


Thank you for your response.

Also I want to receive only one times signal not multiple times from the beacon when I detect a beacon.
For I check which mobile detect the beacon.
Right now I receive multiple times signal from the beacon per advertising interval.
I want to receive only one times.
Is it possible?

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Back up data on the internal memory.
From any home screen, tap Apps.
Tap Settings.
If using Tab view, tap Menu > List view.
Under PERSONAL and then tap Backup & reset.
Select or clear the following checkboxes:
Back up my data
Automatic restore
Tap Backup account and follow the steps to create Google backup account, if necessary.
Tap Factory data reset.
Note: Alternatively, you may tap Network settings reset to just reset Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth settings.
Review the warning message and select or clear Erase SD card.
Tap Reset phone > Next.
Tap Delete all.
Tap OK.
Check more details in LG G4 Manual.

I had this issue when the ultimate destination URL pointed to a web page that google did not approve for physical web due to the fact that the robots.txt file on the site precluded google from spidering the site. Suggest using a tool to check google’s access to your page.

I have gone through several research on Wikipedia, but facing similar issue.