Google stop supporting physical web on chrome IOS

Hi all, I just learned that google stops supporting physical web on chrome ios ( release 62 ) and soon will do the same thing for chrome android. So it seems it would be no more eddystone url notification on chrome notification panel. Any comments, suggestions and/or any workaround solution?

Hi! It seems indeed that the new version of Chrome for iOS no longer displays Physical Web links. We’ve reached out to Google to learn more about their plans for Physical Web and we’ll be sure to update you once we hear from them.

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Definitely hoping this will be a system revamp instead of an entire removal. Eddystone really stressed being multi-platform. I don’t think an entire removal would make much sense seeing that having some way to access URLs on both platforms is better than no way (in reference to iOS).

Let’s hope for the best guys!

Hi everyone,

You can find the official statement from Google here. See also a comment from Michal Mocny who’s a tech lead on Physical Web project on Google.

It seems that Physical Web is not coming back to iOS and the way it works will be changed a bit on Android too. Google is being quite vague about how exactly it’s gonna work but as soon as we know something more, we’ll give you further updates.

I’m guessing if they abandon PhysicalWeb, Here & Now will be rendered useless. Am I right?

Yes, that would be right, Here & Now is powered by Physical Web. If they come up with some other solution for sending non-app notifications, we might be able to adjust Here & Now so that it’s still functional but it’s hard to give any details at this point.