Do we need to maintain any server

Hi, I am a student. Find interesting in this. I want to develop an app for my dad hotel. As soon as customer comes specials of the day should be displayed. Everyday the specials will vary. Do i need a any server to maintain messages that i need to send to customers. i need to buy the beacons once some clarifications done. Do you have any guide for android indetail apart from github

Lokesh : If the special vary, it is not possible to make it built-in the app.

Our product can help I think (we can deliver specials based on proximity of a beacon and much much much more features usefull for a hotel) :


Thanks Lionel. But in the home page of estimote the a pic wen a person moves in the retail shop he will get discounts details. The discounts will vary every month or week. How they are implementing That. how they are customizing messages every week/month.

In this case you have to maintain a server.
When your shop app detects the proximity of a beacon, it can tell the server "I have user Lokesh near beacon #123". Then the server can determine which special to send from a specials database (based on time, user, etc...) and send a push notification to the device with the specific message.

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I am sorry Lionel. Just for clarity what the beacons exactly do apart from detecting the user identification in the proximity ? Is that the only purpose ? May be i misunderstood wrongly.
How this is happening then. Sorry i am so much interested to know about this stuff .

Basically, a beacon is a very dumb device : its job is to broadcast an identity (which beacon I am).
It is the business of an app to know what to do when it enters with a beacon proximity. The app will be awaken even if in background and the OS will tell it that the device is in the proximity of a beacon. The app can decide locally (without any server) what to do (e.g. greet the user with a message like "Welcome to our restaurant" or ask a server about what to do when in the proximity of this beacon).

Hi there,

Exactly as Lionel explains, you need for your app to fetch this information from the server and then pass it to the user in form of a notifications. Unless you only have a fixed, defined set of daily specials: then you can simply hardcode them into your app.


Awesome. Thank you so much. Now got clear idea. Do i have any other work outs / examples apart from github. Definetly this could be my last question. Appreciating your patience in answering my questions. Thank you so much.

Sure, there's a quickstart guide on our website :)


Lokesh, take a look on
You can have you infrastructure there, with no cost.