Connecting with a cloud

Hello, I want to understand one thing. I wana order a lot of beacons but....
If i buy some beacons, and add my personal advertisment (image, text to cloud) to each beacon in my shop, that every user one the World who download your official app (one version) can see my notificatons?

That ONE OFFICIAL aplication works with all estimote beacons on the world and download notifications?

Or i must customise my application and every customer have to download my OWN personalised aplication?

So customer walk down the street he have to download 100 customized version of application to each owner of beacons??

Hi Rafał,

Our app is only a demo, so it can show you the possibilities of our beacons, but you can't use it for your shop purposes.

In order to make it work for your customers you either have to develop your own app or integrate your content with existing apps that allow it. The native one for iOS is PassBook and if you decide to integrate with PassBook, you can be sure that every owner of compatible iOS device can see your notifications.

We don't support such solution from our side, but you shouldn't have problems with finding relevant instructions.

Does it help?

Yes, thank you for your respond.