Push notifications without an app

Is it possible for an estimote beacon to send a push notification to a smartphone device containing very basic information without using an app?

Hi Scotty,

As Alex and Ricardo have already mentioned, it is not possible to send notifications without a dedicated app. Keep in mind that a Beacon only sends its unique ID and information about the signal power. So you need an app on the receiving device to be able to 'interpret' this signal and trigger specific actions.

Let me know if there's anything else.


Hi Scotty, the beacons themselves don't send push notifications. Notifications are pushed as a result of a mobile device entering/exiting a beacon's region and a cloud service reacting with a notification. Without an app nothing occurs.

I guess he is talking about APNS/Push messages? If so, there's a difference between local notifications and remote ones, which might be confusing Scotty.

Local ones are triggered by iOS itself or an installed app. Remote ones (Push) are triggered by a server that connects to Apple's server, which then sends a message to iOS and it gets shown.

In both cases, as Alex stated, without an app, there are no notifications of any kind. Only Apple can show local or push notifications without an app (i.e. when there's a new iOS update).

In the end of the day, you still can send SMS without apps :)