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I understand the receiving part of the beacon, but what I am not entirely sure is how to program the beacon hardware [mote] to do different things different days.
For e.g. if I am using it to show a new discount today, I want to change that to something else tomorrow. Where would I do that. All of the code shows receiving the beacon and processing on that but none I saw that programs the beacon directly. [unless I missed something]

Hi Saikiran,

You can't program a beacon directly. Beacon is a small emitter of radio signals that can trigger actions in your app. Therefore you can only change settings connected to frequency and range for the beacon.

All of the notifications can be stored either in the app or in the cloud. We will release our Estimote Cloud soon to make it easier to operate on beacons and change notifications. You can design your app to suit your needs and show different notifications on different days while receiving the signal from particular beacon.

Tell me if it helps and don't hesitate to ask me more questions to fully understand this technology.

Thanks for the quick followup. I think understand what you're saying. So here is the typical scenario and let me know if that makes sense.
So basically, what I am thinking is that if the event organizer creates a slide deck, assigns the slide deck to say that beacon [this is all happening on the backend].
When someone is in the range, the app receives the beacon UUID, then looks on the server if there is any info for that. Since there is the slide deck assigned to that UUID, it will push that to the app.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi Saikiran

You are correct. All the data that you push to a mobile device will be delivered by your app directly (content stored in the app) or a better solution as you propose is to have the content available on a cloud service that your app is aware of. As you said, once your app enters a specific beacon's region, your app will request corresponding content to be delivered from the cloud to the app. As an FYI, we are in the midst of building the Estimote Cloud which can handle the latter example.

In terms of loyalty programs you might want to check out,

This short article may be of use as well,

I hope these answers help. To be fair I took your term "slide deck" to mean content in general. I hope my answer helps cover your question, if not please come back to us.