Unable to Detect Beacons

We are facing problem on detecting beacon device while using Estimate SDK version 4.0.0 for IOS 9.
Beacons are not showing up on IOS Devices having IOS version 9.3 and “didRangeBeacons” delegate method giving empty device list array.We have added two keys “NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription” and “NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription” into .plist file.
We also tried “LegacyExamples -> ProximityBeacons” estimote sample App but facing same issue.

Do the beacons show up in the Estimote iOS app? Do you see the “allow this app to access your location” prompt when starting your app for the first time?

You can also check if the beacons show up in a generic BLE scanner, e.g., this one: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bluetooth-smart-scanner/id509978131?mt=8. They should be named “EST” or “estimote”.

Beacons show up if I use Estimote SDK for iOS 8.0 but when I use SDK for iOS 9.0, beacons stops showing up.

Device-iOS-Version ----- EstimoteSDK-Version ---- BeaconsShowUp(Yes or No)
----------9.0 ----------------------------- 3.6 --------------------------- Yes
----------9.0 ----------------------------- 4.0 --------------------------- No

Do the beacons show up in the Estimote iOS app? The latest version uses Estimote SDK 4.0, I tested on my iOS 9.3.1 and it worked for me.

Do you have two separate apps, one with SDK 3.6 and one with SDK 4.0? When you say “show up” or “don’t show up”, do you mean ranging or something else?