Connect to proximity beacon to change the conditionalbroadcasting to motion only

The documentation with the iOS SDK only talks about Location Beacons to change settings. But I want to change the conditional broadcasting to MotionOnly on a Proximity Beacon.

How do I accomplish that? Which API do I need?

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You can use the legacy Proximity Beacons examples to do that:

Look for the Beacon Settings demo.

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Yes, Liliya directed me to those examples, yesterday.

UPDATE: Nevermind, I just saw that you can do a factory reset through the “Beacon Settings”

Just so that other people would know:
DON’T enable MotionOnly broadcasting when you’ve enabled Motion UUID. This will make the beacon undetectable in the Examples app. If you made that mistake - just like I did - you’ll need to change the Examples app to connect to the beacon using the bluetooth beacon identifier instead of the CLBeacon class…