Using Estimote Beacon without estimote SDK

Hi, i’m developing a ios app that using your beacons; are there issues/limitations if I use the ios beacon API instead the SDK provided by you?

If you have your beacons set to broadcast iBeacon (default), you can use Core Location to range and monitor them just fine.

Our SDK provides a ton of extra features though: we have analytics, Secure UUID support (beacons broadcast encrypted UUID so that only your app can read them), ability to remotely change your beacons settings, connection to beacons to reconfigure them and/or access sensors, etc.

Is there a plan to expose beacon data to other than iOS & Android. Because I have very good use cases outside mobile context.

While we only have official SDKs for iOS and Android, our beacons are just regular Bluetooth 4.0 devices, so you can detect them and read their advertising data using any Bluetooth-compatible devices.

I’ve seen people doing that with Raspberry PI, Intel Edison, laptops, etc.