Getting Motion Data from iBeacon with swift

Hi there,
i’m quite stuck with trying to get my App to react, when beacon is moving.
We had a Nearable on an elevator door, which activated a video-background in the app when the door was moving. Since all our Nearables are dead (somehow), I’m trying to get the same functionality with an iBeacon.

I tried to connect to the beacon with ESTBeaconConnection and it’s UUID/Major/Minor. The Beacon gets ranged properly, but I can’t get the connection to work. There is AppID and Token in my AppDelegate and the connection is not throwing any Errors (didFailWithError error: NSError), but I do not get any of Beacons properties, so the connection is not working at all.

And as the SDK and all the documentation are referring to Objective-C and I’m trying to learn Swift, I’m not getting any luck on finding explained examples or tutorials on this topic.

Your Estimote App is showing, when the Beacon is in Motion, i want to implement exactly the same functionality. Please Help me.

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