Condition motion broadcast

I’m trying a basic application of the Proximity beacon. I have used the cloud to set it to motion only broadcasting and set only to broadcast iBeacon packet (to be received by a iOS Pushcut server).

However the beacon is behaving oddly and I’m wondering if I have it right. It doesn’t always broadcast when shaken, and sometimes it will trigger a broadcast when completely still (usually as I walk around with the server about 7-10 metres away). Is this just dodgy hardware?

I do note that in the app I can’t enable or disable motion conditional broadcasting - it states I must connect to the Beacon but I can’t see what else I can do where I can obviously edit all the settings so must be connected.

The cloud shows much more information than the app and says motion conditional broadcasting is on, but also notes motion detection is off (but that setting is not available to edit). This is just all a bit unclear.

Any guidance appreciated.