Unassigned beacon, unable to claim

we are experiencing issue with many of our beacons (we’ve bought them in late 2013, one of the first batch relesed).

Currently we cannot operate 9 of them as they seems to be associated with another account (but we always had them in our hands). We tried to “clam“ them without success from the iOS app.

Those are the identification numbers (uuid, major, minor and MAC address).

B9407F30 (3-3) - d64e23da7ed2
B9407F30 (3-9) - NO MAC SHOWN
B9407F30 (22990-43231) - cb40a8df59ce
B9407F30 (52163-39772) - fe1c9b5ccbc3
D0FA0E1A-C419-491C-8D82-673ADF222F21 (99-2) - eb2436dd7fc1
B9407F30 (3-1) - f17f8bbae256
B9407F30 (12345-12345) - d92e4a3cebc6
B9407F30 (3-3) - d64e23da7ed2
B9407F30 (39765-39626) - e9559aca9b55

For management purposes we have three estimote accounts, matteo.gavagnin@COMPANY_NAME.it, dan@COMPANY_NAME.it, dev@COMPANY_NAME.it

We would love to have the all assigned to the matteo.gavagnin@COMPANY_NAME.it estimote account.

We also have 4 beacons that seems to be completely broken. The battery is obviously gone long time ago, but inserting a brand new battery won’t let them appear in the Estimote app, any suggestion?

Best regards,
Matteo Gavagnin