Change Transmit Power and Advertising interval in nearable

I have nearable development kit. I tried to change the transmit power and advertising interval using estimote IOS application. But i couldnt change that two parameters. I have successfully logged estimote account in IOS application and also successfully added stickers into my account. I think there is an error in IOS application. My phone is iPhone 5s.

Please take it as your consideration.

What exactly is wrong? Are you getting any error?

Note that you need to update stickers firmware to version 1.1 before the configuration options unlock.

There was a update on fireware, event i couldnt update the fireware from IOS application, I think its a bug of your estimote application. Please take it as your consideration.

What exactly went wrong with the firmware update? What error are you getting? Can you post the identifier of the sticker you tried?

I updated my nearables to v1.1 and everything works.

Maybe a small remark…
If you want to adjust the interval or the broadcast power of a nearable, you have to nudge one to log in. Then after changing the settings you just need to go back to the previous screen and the new settings will be saved. May be it is not really clear as you expect some notification or confirmation that your new settings are applied.

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