Decrease nearable stickers telemetry packets detection interval on iOS SDK

Hi All,
I am trying to receive telemetry packets from nearable stickers with a shorter interval. The default one is 1s. I set the transmit interval on stickers to be 100ms. Is there a way to set the receive interval to be 200ms?
I tried to use ESTUtilityManage to do this, but it doesn’t seem working. Could you help to take a look at this?

var nearable:ESTNearable!
var nearableManager:ESTNearableManager!
var utilityManager:ESTUtilityManager!

override func viewDidLoad() {
    nearableManager = ESTNearableManager()
    utilityManager = ESTUtilityManager()
    nearableManager.delegate = self
    utilityManager.delegate = self
    nearableManager .startRangingForIdentifier(nearable.identifier)
    utilityManager .startEstimoteNearableDiscoveryWithUpdateInterval(0.2)

Really hope to get some help on this! Has any one met a similar issue?

Sadly, there’s no option to change this scanning interval right now in our iOS SDK. The best I can advise is to use Core Bluetooth API directly, detect the sticker packets this way—you can filter them out by Manufacturer ID, which should be Estimote’s 0x015D. Then we can help with parsing the data you want to use out of it.

Thank you so much for your reply and suggestions! I will try to use Core Bluetooth API to detect the packets first. I will ask help or advices on parsing the data after it. May I ask why the interval can’t be changed through iOS SDK? My understanding is there is a ranging update lower limit of 1s, but is receiving the telemetry packets also restricted by this?

No good reason really, other than “we haven’t implemented the configuration option for this yet”. (:

Thank you for the explanation. This is actually better than some hardware or iOS limitations:). Do you have some recommended examples or tutorials to implement this using CoreBluetooth framework?

Hi Heypiotr,

Thank you for your help. I implemented coreBluetooth method to detect the neabable packets and am able to get the packets with less than 1s interval. The packets format I receive is:
“kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs”: <__NSArrayM 0x174056860>(\nBattery\n)\n, “kCBAdvDataManufacturerData”: <5d010103 4c769747 fadcbc04 858d1176 0001bf01 0074>]")

Do you think you can help on parsing the accelerometer data from the received packet?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Heypiotr,

Do you think you can help me to understand which part or method of CBPeripheral message will contain the accelerometer data information? I am using corebluetooth framework to get a higher frequency of the packets, but I am not sure how to parse the data.