Cannot save Transmit Power of Nearables

Hi there community,

I have a problem with nearables that is totally interrupting my work. Maybe you know how to fix it, please help!

Problem: I cannot save the Transmit Power of Nearables.

  1. Open details of nearable
  2. Select ‘Transmit Power (Tx)’ which is set to 0dBm by default.
  3. Nudge the Nearable and wait until it connects
  4. Change the power to the lowest value using the slider
  5. return to the nearable details. Now ‘Transmit Power (Tx)’ is set to -30 dBm as intended
  6. Go back to radar or list view of nearby devices.
  7. Select the same device again
  8. ‘Transmit Power (Tx)’ is set back to 0 dBm instead of -30 dBm
    This is reproduceable 100% of the time

Nearable Hardware Revision: SB0
Nearable Firmware Version: up to date (as of 15th April 2016)
App used to configure iOS Estimote 2.1 on iOS 9.3.1

Please help me if you know how to fix this!

It’s not you, it’s us, really sorry for the trouble!

We’re aware of a bug in the app that prevents you from changing the Tx power of your nearables. Luckily, the fix is already on the way, should hit the App Store next week.

Hey there
I was wondering about the status of this fix. I have the same problem as estitron described. Thanks for the reply, best regards

The updated version of the app w/ this bug fixed is already awaiting review from Apple, we hope to have it released at the end of this week—or if the review turns out to take a bit longer than usual, early next week.

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I’m having the same issue with Proximity Beacons broadcasting Eddystone URLs. I can change the Tx Power value in the Android app (version 1.7.2), but it doesn’t save to the beacon.

(Update with more info: It appears my problem is only when the beacon is broadcasting Eddystone packets; the Tx Power saves correctly when using the Estimote Default. Unfortunately my project requires the use of Eddystone URLS :confused:. I’m also having this issue with all 15 of my beacons.)

Would this be the same issue, and if so is there any fix coming for the Android app? Any advice if not?

Sorry for late response. I just checked with my own beacon and Android app, and I have the same behavior. We’ll fix that shortly! (: