"power" must be a number

Hi, I have been trying to solve it for a while but I still have no result. When I press the Save
changes button this error is shown and I can not save the changes. somebody can help me?


Hi Emmanuel, we’re looking into this. I noticed you also sent us an email, could you please email us again with the beacon identifier and your cloud account? We’ll investigate!

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Hello there! I’m having exaclty same issue here! Impossible to configure the beacon neither from app or web. Will send you the email with the beacon data. Thanks!

Hi Piots, i have the same problem

Good afternoon, I have the same error (“power” must be a number), and I have not been able to make any configuration to the beacons, I appreciate any help.
My email is: ablprojectssas@gmail.com
Thank you

Thanks for bringing it up! We’ve released an update that should fix this for you — you might need to refresh the page to make sure everything loads correctly.

I had this problem as well. Here’s the root cause and how I solved it:
Some beacons in their Eddystone-X Packet settings do not have Broadcasting Power set, and is thus failing clientside form validation.

In my case, all 4 of the Eddystone-X Packet settings had that unset field. I set them all to -12, saved, and deployed pending settings to the Beacons :slight_smile:



I am having the same problem as listed above by the original poster, tried to use the given solutions but have had no luck. At the moment I am unable to turn off any of the Eddystone packets or change any of the other configurations, nor can I go through the proximity demo on the app. Had emailed in but was redirected to post in the forums.