Changing Beacon Settings not possible

Hi guys,
i’m having trouble to change some settings in the Estimote App on iOS. If I try to increase/reduce the “Transmit Power (Tx)” the progress fails with an “Failed to save broadcasting power! Power value update failed due to server issue”. Same happens for “Advertising Interval”. If I try to do it in the Web Cloud, I cant change any of the settings, cause everytime I hit “Save” there is an error saying that “power has to be a number” - even if I’m not changing the power value at all!

What to do?



Our Cloud engineers looked into this and found a bug on our side. Should be fixed now, let us know if it’s not!

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Hi. Thanks, now Im able to set those settings in the iOS Estimote app and in the cloud!

The next problem is that the iOS Estimote Deployment app isn’t recognizing any of my beacons to set those settings from the cloud to my beacons…