Can one sticker work for two different app (ios/android)?

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I use android app and my brother use ios app for nearable.
can we use one sticker for both the app same time?
or we need to use different stickers for a different app.

2nd qs was

Why I m not able to change primary packet type in android app?
when I press primary packet type in an android app then one pop up open and says that setting is not available

Hello keyur_patel,

Estimote beacons (or stickers) broadcast iBeacon or Eddystone frames. You have to build an app’ that catch those frames, but the frame is the same for both Android and iOS app’s.
The wave is transmitted in all directions, and there is no connection need to receive the frame. So you can use numerous phones with various OS with only one beacon.

You can need connection for other purposes than receiving the frame (configuration for example).

Hope I’m right :slight_smile:

Thanks for fast reply

I understand what you want to say.
next, very ugly qs is can we use sticker for both the app at a same time?


you can use the same signal in the two app’s. But I’m not sure the two phones can connect at the same time to the beacon…

two phones can’t connect to the same beacon at time.

I’ll just emphasize that you only need to connect to a beacon in order to change its settings, so yeah, only one phone at a time can be changing beacon’s settings.

Beacon/sticker’s advertising packets in turn can easily be detected by as many devices and apps as there are in range, at once.

Think about it like this: if there’s one person talking loudly in the room, everyone in range can hear them (: