My stickers have disowned me

I have changed default settings using iOS Estimote app on 2 stickers so that they are broadcasting Eddystone URL’s. I have setup 2 URL’s using PushmoteURL. The iOS software kept giving me “Invalid URL” error so I eventually found that I needed to make the URL changes using Estimote Cloud. They both worked for a short period and I was able to play with the configuration settings using both the iOS app as well as Estimote Cloud. They are both now showing up as Beacons (Not stickers) in the iOS app and I am unable to access their settings. It also tells me that I am not the owner and need to send an email with their mac address to CLAIM them. I cannot see their mac address and they are not updating from Estimote Cloud. I have successfully updated the firmware prior to changing any of the settings.

I figure it might have something to do with the Public / Private setting as this is the last setting that I changed (From Private to Public).

I have to admit the Estimote iOS app is currently being a bit silly when you change your stickers to broadcast an iBeacon or Eddystone-URL packet.

Basically, the app will detect the iBeacon and Eddystone-URL packet, and because these are exactly the same packets that regular beacons broadcast, it’ll show the beacon image next to them. (Because our beacons have supported iBeacon and Eddystone for a long time, and stickers only joined the club recently.)

However, when set to the iBeacon and Eddystone-URL mode, the stickers will still broadcast their flagship Nearable packet when you move them—and that’s when the app should detect these Nearable packets, and show your stickers on the list. So no worries, your stickers still :heart: you, and want to be yours, it’s just the app not being too intuitive to use in this particular use case. We’ll be improving that in the future.