Beacons vs Stickers: Differences

Besides form factor, what are the differences between beacons & stickers, if any, w.r.t:

1) Hardware?
2) SDK?
3) Android support?

Will an app for beacon work with sticker as well, without any modifications?



Stickers have slightly shorter range and battery life of up to one year. They'll use Estimote SDK, which will be updated shortly to make building contextual apps simpler with both stickers and beacons.

Android will be supported, but might not include all the features available on iOS when stickers first ship.


Thanks Wojtek. So there will be one Estimote Android SDK for both beacons and stickers, correct? An app written using that SDK will work with both beacons and stickers, correct?

That's correct :)

Hi, does each sticker has a different UUID ? (since I inderstood it is not configurable)
Can be used without the SDK?

Hi Filippo,

The IDs for both beacons and stickers will be configurable. We will release more details shortly!


Hi There, on your website you say that stickers are complementary to beacons. But can I use stickers without beacons?
Greets thijs

Hi Thijs,

Yes you can: they work stand alone :)