Can I localize particular person using beacons?

Searching for the solution, which would allow me to find the event participant inside the hall, where beacons are installed. Could this work with this technology?
Thanks for your input.


You can easily try it out with your colleagues in a few minutes:

  1. Use our Indoor Location app to quickly map your room for indoor location w/ Estimote Beacons.

  2. The app will automatically upload the location to Estimote Cloud.

  3. Go to Estimote Cloud, “Locations” tab, find your location, and check the “Public Location” option.

  4. Now, your colleagues can download the Indoor Location app too, and your location will automatically show up on a list in their instance of the app. (The “Nearby Locations” list.)

  5. You should all see each other on the map in the app.

  6. Additionally, you as the owner of the location will see them on the map in Estimote Cloud too!

If this looks promising (and we hope it does :smiley:), you will find the SDK (which you can use to build your own app) on out GitHub:

… and a short quick-start guide on our Developer Portal:

We’ve also just released another feature of Indoor Location, which allows you to track objects tagged with Estimote Stickers too. (You can actually see them on the screenshot above.) Read more on our blog:

Estimote’s Location Intelligence Platform: Bringing Together Nearables, Indoor Location and Estimote Cloud