New User for Beacon

I have got my Beacon and would like to start building my App to monitor an object. How can I start?
Another concern regard the indoor location: does it track any objetcs in the location or just who has a phone?


Hi there,

The best way to start would be to take look at our Dev Portal, there are tutorials for both iOS and Android.
As for the tracking objects, You can use Estimote Stickers to track objects with Estimote Indoor Location. Keep in mind, you need to have a mobile device in the range of a sticker to get the updated position. Learn more about implementing it here.

I guess you’ve already seen our proof-of-concept implementation of “Indoor + Nearables”. It’s really quite simple! We run Indoor Location as normal, and at the same time, we use the regular Estimote iOS SDK to also run Nearable scanning. When we detect a Nearable, we take the current Indoor position, and we “pin” the Nearable to that position. We have a simple web app hosted on Heroku that we send that data too.

Replicating this setup shouldn’t be a lot of work. We hope to add it directly to Indoor SDK and Estimote Cloud in the future—as you’ve noticed, it’s not there yet.


Thank you so much.

It is not giving the right location. It is not accurate and some times it is moving while sitting. How can I resolve this issue.