Can i track the position of a user from a diferent aplication


Im working on a small proyect, this is the setup

i have 8 beacons mapping the room - Working fine
one client iOS app (iPhone) that load the location and show the user position - Working fine
one Admin app (ipad) that load the location Working fine

my question is can i track the user (client App) position and see it on the Admin App using the iOS SDK?

Thanks in advance!

**Update: i can see that public location can only be used on the Cloud portal and only used with the Estimote Indoor App is there another approach to achieve this?

i was thinking on sending the position to a real-time server and consume it on the Admin App, any suggestions?

As you’ve already noticed, we’ve implemented exactly this in our Indoor Location app. We have a simple web app hosted on Heroku, and the Indoor Location app pushes user coordinates and IDs to that web app, and the web app broadcasts the coordinate changes to any other people in that public location over web sockets.

We might make this web app available to the all Estimote developers in the future, and maybe even integrated it directly with the Indoor SDK—definitely something on our mind. But for now, you’d need to build it yourself.

[In your case, the client app would push the coordinates to the web app, and the web app would push it to the admin app.]

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Hey Heypiotr,

Thanks for the reply! thats actually what i did, i used Firebase RealTime database to send the coordinates of the user and in the admin app set a listener to those changes, then draw the user object on the map and update the position, but for some reason is very inestable/inaccurate i had to round the coordinates to 2 decimals and some rules to avoid a lot of calls and moving objects. but for now its good enough for the POC.

Thank you!

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