Beacon not longer detectable after failed update

Hi Piotr,

"restarting" the beacon (cut it open and taking the battery out for 30 seconds and putting it back) has finally worked. Thanks.

BUT: It's still not possible to update this beacon with the estimote app because it still stucks after 10% and says update failed. If 10% are reached Bluetooth Symbol flashes a couple of times and always goes off if that's helpful. It seems that it's trying to reboot a couple of times and then give up.

Hey Heiko—not sure what's going on. Feel free to shoot an email to our customer support team ( and we'll replace the beacon.

Would it be possible for you to send us this problematic one back for investigation? If so, the support folks will provide you with the address—feel free to direct it to my attention ("Attn: Piotr Krawiec"). Many thanks!

Piotr, thank you very much for given following SDK release: