Beacon Not Detected

I bought Development Kit with 3 beacons.
Some days back I updated 2 of the beacons from A3.1.0 to A3.2.0.
I also changed the names of all the beacons and did not touch any other settings.

Beacons on A3.2.0 are now detected but the one which is on A3.1.0 is not detected by Estimote app or any other Beacon Scanner app on iPhone as well as Android.

And battery would not be the issue as the other beacons still show 38+ months of battery remaining.

Hmm, weird. Maybe the battery got loose? Can you try pressing on the top part of the beacon, see if it pops up on the scanner then?

If it doesn’t help, could we ask you to cut the enclosure (we’ll send you a replacement, so no worries here), then pull the battery out for a few seconds, and then put it back in? (The easiest way to perform the cut would be across the top of the beacon. You can see it on this image:

If this too doesn’t help, could you try replacing the battery? Maybe it was some bad unit that slipped through our QA. The exact model of the battery is CR2477.

Really sorry to put you through all this trouble, hopefully we can revive the beacon!