Beacon not detected or broken

Hi, from a few days one of my three beacons stop working. it is not detected from Estimote app or other app (like Locate or other that detect BLE hardware). What can I try to do? If it was not working, there is a Guarantee? Thanks!

I try to scan it with Bluettoh Smart scanner but also not found…i think it’s the battery. I bought them in june 2015… :frowning:

you could try to enabling monitoring in your app and let the app scan for your beacon. If your beacon is working you should get a message. If it is not working, contact estimate via mail.

Thanks @dasdany. I try it, but nothing, I think my beacon’s dead :sob:
You know right email who i can write?

Really sorry to hear that ): Please email us at and we’ll arrange a replacement!

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Thanks! I send you an email.