All three beacons suddenly stopped working

I have sent in an email about this issue, but I figured I might as well post on here too.

I have three beacons that have all mysteriously stopped working. They cannot be detected using my iPhone 5 or HTC One. I have tried running the official Estimote app as well as my own custom code.

I did not modify power settings or any other values. What are my options at this point?

Hello Hasan!

Please check your inbox, I've already replied.

For others having a similar issue, please check if you have Bluetooth and Location Services turned on. Also, you might try rebooting the device.

Hi, I tried detecting my beacons this morning and I'm having the same problem. The light on the beacon is not on. Maybe the battery ran out?? I'm only had them 2 months and their suppose to last longer than that. Should the light always show? I can't imagine the battery ran out on all 3 beacons at the same time

I have the same problem! All my beacons are running ok and I have buy them 4 months from now, and after update to version 2.0 the battery goes to 0 in a week.. There is some mistake with version 2.0?

I'm having the same issue. Suddenly they are all 'dead' - not appearing under iOS or Android..


@Marty: I saw Wojtek has answered you in an e-mail already. If you have any more problems, please get back to him.

@Jorge, @Kevin: Please check your inbox, I've replied to you personally.

Rebooting my ios device. (Ios 6.1.1). Fixed my issue.

Thanks for the suggestion

Correction- my ios device is version 7.1.1

I have the same problem with my 3, we developed a bit on them and then they just all stopped working.

Same issue here. I had 3 and they worked fine a month ago, but now I can't see them with iOS or Android, even after reboots. However, I have a newer Estimote iBeacon from a different, more recent batch, and that one works fine.

how does one trade old for new?


@Chris: Please check your inbox for a message from me.

@Tommy: I saw that you already talked to Aga, so if you have any more problems, please address them to her directly.

Mine are dead now too. Please help.

My estimotes stopped working too. What can i do?

Hi Dustin and Matthieu!
Please write to me: ola at and I'll be able to help.

I have the same problem. All three beacons cannot work today. I updated the latest firmware two days ago. My iOS is 7.1.1. I reboot my iPhone many times. Should I buy a new battery for them? Please help me.

Would be best if you could reach out to me: ola at Thanks!


I have one dead beacon, is it possible to "reboot"? I presume the only way to tell if it's broadcasting is to use your app (or mine)?


If you have iOS 7.1 you can try rebooting your phone - sometimes it's the case.
Otherwise, I suggest just reaching out to me (ola at

The actual reason is the battery dead. As I replaced the old battery to a new one, all beacons work fine now. BTW, it's not easy to replace battery, cut the beacon is needed.