Battery Telemetry data not updated in Estimote cloud with iOS-Proximity-SDK 1.5.0


I have two beacons in our client estimote cloud account. Both beacons have Estimote Telemetry enabled. This was done primarily to monitor the battery health status.

Here are the beacons Identifier/ Firmware Versions/ Hardware Revisions:
Identifier: a358b0b6a8144c0adc97471fd3d80c33 Firmware Version: 4.14.4 Hardware Revision: J1.9_B1.1

Identifier: a142934d382b00bb046375a9307edd04 Firmware Version 4.13.2 Hardware Revision: F3.3

After having enabled the telemetry, I started monitoring the beacons on the Estimote cloud dashboard. I notice that there is a new graph that appeared indicating the temperature and light sensor. However I don’t see any battery reading. Also when I review the beacon on the dashboard, I still see a message
" Beacon Health Check is on but inactive because we haven’t received any Estimote Telemetry data yet. Learn how to upload telemetry data to Estimote Cloud "

My questions are

  1. Is there anything else that needs to be enabled other than “Telemetry” for battery readings to be enabled?
  2. I assume that once the “telemetry” settings are enabled and when the SDK is used by the app, the SDK will automatically read and send the telemetry data(including battery levels) to the cloud. Is my understanding correct? If not what needs to be done additionally to get the battery levels updated on the cloud?
  3. Also how often the battery telemetry data is updated?

Note: I am attaching the screenshot of the graph thats reflected on the dashboard

Any Update on this. I am also facing same issue