Monitor Battery Life


Currently we are working with a museum to replace the batteries to their beacons.
Once the battery is replaced, we would like to be able to monitor the remaining battery life on a beacon through web (Estimote Cloud).
This way, we can get an alert when it’s time to change the batteries again and inform our client.

So far, all settings in Beacon Health Check and the Estimote Telemetry Packet have been enabled.

We believed that by having these settings enabled we would start to get alerts on the beacon’s remaining battery life, a beacon fall, and/or a beacon missing alert forwarded to the Estimote Cloud.

However, since these features have been enabled, no alert has been received.
We’ve even tried dropping the beacon a few times to try to receive a beacon fall alert but that didn’t trigger an alert either.

We wanted to know how the alerts worked? Specifically the battery life alerts.
Where would we receive notifications? On the Estimote app, the Estimote cloud or by email?
Either way we haven’t seen anything come up for us.

If alerts aren’t received, then is the “Estimote Telemetry” feature useful to have enabled?
We wouldn’t want to leave this enabled if it only drains the battery.

Thank you!

Hi there!

Just to be sure, any alerts will reach you only if there’s a device with your app nearby to receive the beacons’ signal. You won’t need to connect, but the device needs to be present within the range of the beacon. And yes, you have to enable telemetry for it to work.

You can read more about this and related issues, here:

Thank you, Timo.
Let me see if I understood correctly, if the beacon is low in battery and it has telemetry on, we’ll receive an alert if there’s a device with our app nearby. The museum we’re working on has issues with Wi-Fi connection? Would this be an issue to get the alert?

I read the article you shared and I see Estimote Cloud will notify me when battery is low, etc. Where exactly this notification will appear because I drop the beacons at least 7 feet and I didn’t get any notification in the Estimote Clous? is there a way to get an email notification as well?

Agree with the first comment.

Thanks for sharing useful post here.