Telemetry data not working on beacons even though enabled

Hey Everyone,

Hoping someone has faced a similar issue.

I have two groups of beacons, one set up in a client location. And I have my own in house test environment. They’re on different estimote cloud accounts so they’re not linked to each other at all.

Both beacons have Estimote Telemetry enabled.

Firmware Versions/ Hardware Revisions:
Client Beacon: Firmware Version: 4.11.0 Hardware Revision: F3.3
In-house Beacon: Firmware Version 4.9.0 Hardware Revision: F3.3

I’m receiving telemetry data for the in-house beacons but not the client beacons despite both having the telemetry enabled and the in-house beacons having an older firmware version. Is there a bug on the 4.11.0 firmware?

I’ve set up the sample code for enabling telemetry on both iOS and Android from this page.

I’ve also made sure to change the appID and Token when testing in the different environments. Both sets of beacons share a Proximity UUID.

Estimote Cloud Portal: Beacons> Click on a Beacon> Scroll down to 'Estimote Telemetry’
Client Beacon: I see this notification "Scan and forward telemetry data to Estimote Cloud to show beacon sensor data here."
In-house Beacon: I can see the telemetry data for light and temp as normal

Has anyone ever come across this issue?