How to use Estimote Telemetry

I want to monitor my beacon battery.

I have turn on the “Estimote Telemetry” in the beacon setting but this message are showing
Scan and forward telemetry data to Estimote Cloud to show beacon sensor data here.”


Code that I implemented:

self.proximityObserver = [[EPXProximityObserver alloc]
configuration:[EPXProximityObserverConfiguration customWithLogLevel:EPXLogLevelError
onError:^(NSError * _Nonnull error) {
NSLog(@“proximity observer error = %@”, error);


Any other code I still need to add?

You also need to start the observer. If you don’t care about proximity zones & enter/exit events, you can start it with an empty array:

[self.proximityObserver startObservingZones:@[]];


I have already start the observer with a zone, but the portal still showing the message

Can you message me the identifier of the beacon?

I put it in reply cause I got the error “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

Identifier of the beacon: 851189f61038063e6fb0c614dd95f636

Thank you

So I took the beacon identifier and found your Estimote Account, and then I checked if there’s any telemetry recently sent from any mobile apps registered under that account, and I didn’t see any. But other requests (tags, attachments, analytics) are going through, so I dug deeper.

I now believe this a bug in the iOS Proximity SDK. If I read our code correctly, we’re waiting to collect 100 telemetry frames before sending them to Estimote Cloud. But, these need to be 100 frames from different beacons, which I believe is not the intended design :slight_smile:

Can you open a bug report on, and reference this forum post?