Migrating from iOS-SDK to iOS-Proximity-SDK Analytics and Telemetry

I am moving from the older iOS-SDK to the newer iOS-Proximity-SDK for my application.

How do I register for Telemetry Notifications and Analytics using the new SDK? I can’t see any documentation outlining the changes.


If you mean simply forwarding analytics and telemetry to Estimote Cloud, so that you can use the Analytics dashboard/APIs, get low-battery/health-check notifications, and/or use the Sensors API … then that’s now enabled by default, and happening transparently in the background in the Proximity SDKs (:

Hey Piotr,

Yup, that’s what I mean. I figured that they were enabled by default. But on the estimote dashboard, if I inspect a beacon’s health check, it tells me “Beacon Health Check requires Estimote Telemetry to be turned on and forwarded to Estimote Cloud”. Is this a bug? :bug: