Attendance app for organization need help with some ideas and logistics

I have a logistical question and I want to share how we are using the beacons and see what people think.

I feel I should give you the purpose of the app and that may make it easier to answer the question. It is an attendance app that would be used for taking attendance of registered attendees in a certain location. The beacons would be used for better accuracy over gps.

The first scenario is small scale. A teacher orders 3 beacons for a class and using the my app associates them to the class. The app will search for beacons within a 1m range and display them and the teacher will select them and they will be used when attendance is taken. The students when in proximity of a beacon at a certain time will send that to the server and when the teacher takes attendance the app will check the server for each student.

This is seems like the simple approach. I am very interested if anyone feels this could be better. Right now we are not editing any of the values. If we were to what strategy might someone use in this situation when it comes to UUID, major, and minor?

Here is the logistics scenario:
A school orders 50 beacons all the same color and plan to associate them manually to different classrooms using the website that will associate with the app. The questions is do the beacons that get sent have some way of telling them apart? Do they have a sticker or something on them stating their major number or anything? If not how might someone tell them apart?

Each beacon or sticker can be identified uniquely with UUID, major & minor id. As the light house broadcast light everywhere, beacons broadcast their UUID, major & minor id everywhere. Your mobile app or scanner can capture the data to identify the beacons uniquely. Luckily, beacons support adding additional attributes. You can add an identifier to each beacon in addition to their UUID, major, minor ids & associate it to a student.