Monitor every Estimote Beacons


Let’s say I have 100 clients using the same central app. All these clients have a few beacons. How would it be possible to listen to all beacons without specifying their UUID ?

My app only needs to receive a unique ID for each beacon so I can look in my database to get the information. If the SDK can’t do that, is there a way I can still do this?

*I’m developing on both Android and IOS.

Thanks :slight_smile:

On Android, you can define your Region object with null UUID, major, minor, and it’ll then scan for all iBeacon packets.

iOS requires you to provide at least an iBeacon UUID … but why not simply assign the same, uniquely-generated UUID to all your beacons, and scan for that?

Hi, thank you for your answer.

If I assign the same UUID for each beacon, will it detect every beacons even if they are close to each other ?
I need to trigger an event on every detected beacon, even in the same room.


Yup, there’s no reason beacons close to each other should be undetectable (: