Determining the position of a beacon relative to its distance to the device


Is there any way to determine the position of a beacon relative to its distance to the device? I know that the android SDK only allows ranging and proximity but I’d like to place 2 or more unique places, for example a museum with different art pieces, within the beacon’s region and only notify the user only if they are near a specific art piece.

If there is no way, can someone guide me on how can I implement this using the android SDK?

Would it be possible to give each of the devices a unique minor id?

That is possible, but how can it help? My plan is to give different areas in the beacon’s region a unique representation/id so that if a device is in that area, it can show some information in the application that I’m currently developing.

My thought here is that you could take advantage of the UUID, major, and minor identifiers to specify different details about the art piece. For instance, the UUID might be the all of the art for a particular building, the major id might represent the room, and the minor id would represent the individual work of art.

If you have, e.g., two art pieces, and you want to know when the user is near one or the other, how about putting one beacon near each piece, and use the signal strength to try to determine which such “point of interest” is closer.

Might not work very well when the art pieces are very close to each other, but then again, if that’s the case, then it’s also had to determine if the patron is near piece A, but really looking at the piece B (:

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This is what I’m aiming at. I’ve used a sort of coordinate system where the device checks which beacon is at immediate proximity and which one is at near proximity. I think I’ll also try to use each beacon’s RSSI to verify where the user is really located. Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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